I am not good at confrontation. Unless it’s the song from Les Miserables called “Confrontation.” I am great at “Confrontation.”


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im going to use this icon every halloween until i Finally Die


im definitely following the right people because apparently supernatural season 10 premiered last night and I didn’t see a single post about it

Green Party: *Wins first ever parliamentary seat in 2010 general election*
UKIP: *Essentially infiltrates parliament to gain its first ever seat in 2014 thanks to a tory defector*
BBC: Hey UKIP, wanna come have a seat at debates while we provide constant, dizzying coverage about who you are and what you stand for?
Green Party: What about us?
BBC: What about you?

remember when my mam was Drunké and tried to google raúl esparza but ended up with “real espresso”..honestly #iconic

my true aesthetic is: wet motorways at dusk when all the lights reflect off the tarmac…

never forget these images